Happy Independence Day

We had long ago established that the 15th of August would be
the launch date for what would become Horn
Ok Please

In truth it took a long time to come up with this particular
trading name. It began life as Aloo Gobi, followed by Chai Chaat Chat, Roadside
Romeo, MiChai etc etc. Who would have thought coming with a name would be such
an ongoing point of discussion between Gaurav (G) and me, but eventually we
settled on Horn Ok Please. We wanted a name that was synonymous with and
reflected Indian Street life and more importantly Indian Street Food. After all
we are bringing Indian Street food to the Streets of London.
So what does Horn Ok Please actually mean? Here is a Wiki
link that will explain it all a lot better than I ever can: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horn_OK_Please
From the beginning we set it as our goal to bring forward
the best of street food experience from all corners of India – which sees families
sharing plates of hot and spicy snacks on the beach in South India, business
men grabbing a sweet cup of chai on their way to work in Pune, students
gathered around enjoying a cool drink under the hot sun in Delhi or the secret
couple in Mumbai sharing a coffee and plate of snacks in-between work and
returning home.
So with the name in hand and the concept clear in our minds,
G and I have been spending the last couple of weeks trying out various menu
items on willing friends, contacting market stalls throughout London and getting
our licences and certificates in place. So watch this space as we develop our
ideas (and cooking techniques) all in the name of Horn Ok Please.

Jai Hind

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